She sips ardently

sweet nectar,

love’s fair leaf



is not remiss.

Fair maiden’s


is captivating.

You’re relishing,

in the receiving,


soft met lips,

tracing her length

in smooth lines

with your finger-tips;

savoring the shape

of her face,

cupped in the

curve of your palm.

Your mistress lay


her eyes tell the tale

of most true affection.

They’ve been gifted…

bride and groom,

given this treasure

from before time;

this physical


They’re wed

in the shower

of spring-

released pink-petals.

© Hannah Gosselin and Metaphors and Smiles, 2012.

Day three @ NaPoWriMo 

Indeed, April marks the beginning of “wedding season,” and so I challenge you today to write anepithalamium (somethimes also called an epithalamion). This is nothing more or less than a poem celebrating a wedding.

Shared @ NaPoWriMo #03 WeWritePoems

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