I watch the
waves of heat,
dust rise,
and scramble of feet,
their eyes search
for home base.
Besides this scorching,
sun-sweltering feeling,
I find I’m most at peace
as a by-stander, an observer
in clover-laden, outfield;
away from the rush and ruckus,
afar off from the action.
My thoughts carry far
on the chirp of cricket’s legs,
travel with passion on the
pull of passing clouds overhead.
Day-dreams dance with yellow,
lemon-bursting brightness,
dandelion heads, bob a-breeze.
An anxious feeling rises,
rumbling, welling-up
in the pit of my stomach,
as I hear the sharp call, “batter-up!”

© Hannah Gosselin and Metaphors and Smiles, 2012.

Day five NaPoWriMo: Opening Day…

8 thoughts on “~BIDING MY TIME~

  1. another baseball poem – opening day, ’tis the season, and yeah, it’s spring! love
    My thoughts carry far
    on the chirp of cricket’s legs,


    • I had SUCH a hard time with this prompt at first because I really have no passion for much of any kind of sport but remembering some of my first memories from school days baseball made this bearable! lol Thank you so much for the visit!


  2. Hi Hannah, thanks for commenting in my blog. I appreciate it, and will make it a point of commenting on all of your poetry throughout April. Odd that my comments ended up as spam for you. I periodically have trouble with WordPress accounts. As for this poem, it gives me an idea of what to write for in regard to this prompt. I was one who always wished to be an outfielder, preferable right field where few hit to. LOL. Never did wish to be a ‘hero’ in baseball; only to survive….and to BAT! Nice write!


    • So glad your comment made it through, Mary!!! Also, so nice that you identify with me on this, too! Thank you for visiting me and I look forward to reading more of you,too! Smiles to you!


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