~Queen of the Night~Selenicereus grandiflorus~


Deeper than this satin scrim of sky,

darker even than this moonless night

it’s here in this shroud of lacking light

that yearning for yearly burst will bloom;

princess, please grace us with your presence.

Beauty and radiance leaves too soon,

golden rays of sun will be your plight,

then that you’ll be pilfered from our sight;

flower fully for morning draws nigh.


© Hannah Gosselin and Metaphors and Smiles, 2012.


So, I’m pretty stoked right now! I made up my first form ever today!!

I titled it “Infinity Plus One,” because it is nine lines with nine syllables each

and so 9×9=81. I have eight representing the symbol for “infinity” and stated the extra one as “plus one.”


Infinity Plus One: Nine lines with nine syllables per line and a rhyme scheme of abbcdcbba.

 A variation of this form:

In addition to the original form and to play up

the idea of the  “plus one,”  part of the title

you could extend this form adding additional

nine line/nine syllable stanzas

with the same rhyme scheme,

to infinity,

if it so pleases your poetical hearts!  :)


As an after…after thought,

I’m thinking if any of you

precious poetic peeps do try this form

feel free to link it to this post on your blogs

and also to share your links with me,

I’d be thrilled to read your poems!

Maybe one day I’ll host a

“Infinity Plus One,” prompt

with a Mr. Linky and everything!

BIG smiles!!





Day 22: Plant or Tree Poem in honor of Earth Day


Happy Earth Day!!


Shared @ Open link Monday

Imaginary Garden:

41 thoughts on “~Queen of the Night~Selenicereus grandiflorus~

  1. “Deeper than this satin scrim of sky” … This is all I’ve read so far, and already you’ve knocked my socks off. (That’s a metaphor. I’m really wearing flip-flops.)


  2. Congratulations on developing your super creative new form! I love it, and I hate form.🙂 I adore that symbol, as well as 9 X 9. So this is pretty much fantastic to me.

    Thank you for introducing me to this night-blooming flower. Love that it is also called the Vanilla Cactus and Queen of the Night; the latter might make an easier-to-pronounce title and would also work well with the metaphor for a person who blooms in conditions opposite from the typical flower. To me, this also describes a poet writing late at night and also in her most productive seasons, which are frequently short-lived.


    • Oh, you have a beautifully poetic mind, Shawna!! You’ve just thought of a gorgeous metaphor to extend this poem and actually come to think of it this could be a variation on the form to continue with added nine line stanzas which would play into the “plus one,” part of the title!! Would you mind if I play off of your metaphor for the night-blooming writer, Shawna? Such good thoughts thank you!


  3. I like it, both the poem itself, and the form–it’s simple, but also a nice, firm but open structure that should give good support to a poem. Might have to try it. Way to be creative, Hannah.


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  5. An interesting form, I’d be curious to try it sometime! I must admit, you had me running for the references, to find out more about your chosen flora, and its ethereal bloom. Not a lot of poems are worth the reader finding out more, but yours made me do search more out.


  6. Cool poem. I like the form. I play around with making up forms all the time, don’t post many of them, because, quite frankly I find out there are reasons no one else ever thought of the ones I have lol But this is very good. the mathematics in it, well I really enjoy math, so that may have sealed it for me, I just may have to give it a try. Thanks


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