Two Jue Ju’s with English Flair for You…


As a bloom unfurled and hungering,

she extends her slender neck;

exposing fragility, showing her willingness,

eager wind stirs…satin quiver.


Copyright © Hannah Gosselin and Metaphors and Smiles, 2012


© Ellen Wilson



She thirsts for your flavor…

You’re a pearl to her,

pocketed permanently in her depths;

gem within an oyster shell.


You’re planted and most precious,

single grain of sand ruminated

calcified-smooth with much thought;

folded into her forlorn heart.


Fumbling she reaches for you.

Rooting fingers are met again

but you’re silky and elusive

and she’s still…so hungry.



Copyright © Hannah Gosselin and Metaphors and Smiles, 2012


Real Toads-Kerry’s Mini Sunday Challenge-

Kerry says, “Last week we focused on the four-line form of stanza, known as the Envelope Quatrain, and I would like us to consider the possibilities of other quatrain forms today.”

I attempted this suggestion:

“If one is to attempt an English version of the Jue Ju, the following guidelines are offered:

Line length: 5 words per line
Lines per stanza: 4
Theme: Often suggestive of erotic love
Rhyme scheme: couplets or unrhymed”

Inspired by and based on Kerry’s findings on a form called JuejuJue Ju is one of the oldest of the Chinese patterns and in the 3rd century AD the Jue Ju was very popular. It often carried “suggestively erotic themes”. It does not tell a story but attempts to create a mood.

Click on the cutie below  to read more poetry offerings or to learn more about the challenge…variations of rhyme schemes etc. and view an inspiring collection of some of the Toads Photographs!

The Sunday Mini-Challenge

23 thoughts on “Two Jue Ju’s with English Flair for You…

  1. You really went with the flow of both these beautiful photos, Hannah–the first is delicate, almost transparently so, yet strong and vibrant. The second is well-constructed and despite being quite direct in a western sort of way, feels oriental. Both very lovely.

    Hope you are feeling better soon.


  2. These are just gorgeous, Hannah. The thread of womanly passion running through each description is handled with the lightest of touches. I adore the one written for Jack’s Trumpet, yet every quatrain is amazingly accomplished.


  3. Hannah, nice to meet you here. I love your poetry, so delicate and deep.
    “Anticipation” is very elegant, mainly that satin quiver at the end.
    The last line of “Obsessed” hits the brain, so powerful, and she’s still…so hungry, poor woman!:)


  4. suggestive, sensitive, “exposing fragility, showing her willingness,” and “She thirsts for your flavor…” are just beautiful.


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