Graceful Maple

Graceful Maple

Peering through crimson canopy,

eyes struggle seeking the source;

bark-ridge coarse,

I follow the hollows…

Branches as veins course,

life-lines of limbed maze;  

slender-reaching blaze.


Copyright © Hannah Gosselin and Metaphors and Smiles, 2012


We went for a trek today…this Red Japanese Maple was the star of the show!! Also, I apologize for my one stanza attempt…this was difficult for me tonight. I’m glad for the mind-stretching though!🙂’s 

Real Toads-

Kerry’s Sunday Mini Challenge

The Structure for this form comes from Paul Laurence Dunbar’s poem, “Melancholia,” he employs a seven line stanza which relies on a syllable count and rhyme scheme, and this is the form we will focus on today.

(a)   8 syllables
(b)   7 syllables 
(b)   3 syllables
(Internal rhyme c / c6 syllables
(b)   5 syllables
(d)   7 syllables
(d)   5 syllables

20 thoughts on “Graceful Maple

    • Thank you so much, Patricia!! I just knew this would be a flavor you would like!🙂 Happy weekend to you and I’m so glad your cold was a short one…mine is finally almost gone after two weeks and a few days! One of the longer ones I’ve had in quite sometime!


  1. Your lines are just beautiful, and read so smoothly. I went back afterwards to appreciate the rhymes, which were handled with subtlety. Your pics of the maple are beautiful. I especially love the angle on ‘Heart’.


  2. I loved it Hannah! I so miss the gorgeous red maples of home~ This took me there….I miss Maine!
    Hope you are doing well….
    I love these lines:
    “Branches as veins course,
    life-lines of limbed maze”

    Thanks for the journey home😀 SS❤


  3. “I follow the hollows…’ I really like that, and all the rest, smooth, tasty and crisp as autumn apples. The photos are just stunning–we use japanese maples here as landscape ornamentals, strictly for the shady side of the house, but I’ve yet to see one over six or eight feet tall. That one is just majestic and beautiful in full fall color.


  4. Spectacular fall colors – I am enjoying them here, too, so much…….each year they outdo themselves………Loved your poem. That form is very difficult, good for you for giving it a whirl and you managed it very well.


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